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Online Energy Activation

Photo by Anna Rohova


This is a 12-week activation program, designed for those of you who have already worked with me or been on your spiritual path for a while and want to go deeper on your inner journey and in life.

During a period of maximum 24 weeks, we will meet online 12 times.

We'll go deep to explore your  connection, for you to feel comfortable using your tools, intuition and to expand your life, talent, and passion with confidence.

It's also for you to have someone witness your progress, cheer you on as you walk this new joyful way of life and calls you out if you forget.

I am excited to take the next steps and continue with you on your beautiful journey. 

what we will do

We will meet up on Zoom and I will be by your side as you deepen your connection.

You can schedule this over 12 weeks with a Zoom call every week, or over 24 weeks where we meet up every second week. 

There will be longer Zoom calls and shorter ones (60 or 30 minutes) depending on week. 

As always, I tap into your present energy, going forward.

In this online program you will also find igniting meditations where I share energy from different energetic hot spots I've visited around the world, to expand your connection further. As well as videos, tools, reflections, tarot card reading for clarification and more.

I'm excited to share this with you to deepen, explore and enjoy your own connection further for you to feel comfortable using your intuition and let this new joyful way of life become your norm.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the program.

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Explore and Enjoy
Online Activation Program


1 185€ paid in full or

427€ divided by three payments

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