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This is a new and exclusive program, that will only be open to a few dedicated Pure Hearts per year.

It is not scripted, or planned. Instead we follow the Pure Heart energy during 12 months, to ignite and activate your life force for you to move through life hand in hand with your pure purpose.

When you are aligned with your purpose, life expands and moves beyond your egos limitations and starts to make sense from the inside and out.

 A new more joyful way of life is presented, one that is anchored in peace, love and your beautiful piece of the universal puzzle.

I will connect and keep a close eye on your journey, speak with your heart and listen to you as you deepen and expand your life. I will transmit healing and igniting energy as well as guide you through these months as life shows up. I guess there will be more interaction the first half year, but that is up to the energy to decide.

Anything can happen, including travelling to energetic places around the world. The energy sets the pace, content, and action.

Since it is a very individual and exclusive program, it is important that we have mutual exchange in our connection, so a first free longer Zoom call to figure out if this is for you and the Pure Heart energy i work with, is mandatory.

Price  7 500€  (travel costs like transport, hotel and food not included if/when there is any travelling). Monthly price plan is possible.

I feel truly excited about this. I have found my pure purpose after working with energies since 2004 and it is a beautiful, familiar and exciting feeling that grounds my decisions as well as takes me through daily roadblocks in a new more joyful way of life.

My purpose is to activate and ignite your pure purpose so that we together can raise the energy on Earth.

This is for those of you who are committed to your inner journey and the well being of all. Who know that there is more to life and want to access its magic and your part of it. It is not about you getting more clients, higher income or more followers... It is about finding yourself and your beautiful part in this world that goes beyond what we see. 

It will take commitment, courage and accountability. I know that those of you who are looking for this journey will be ready and I'm here to be your guide.

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