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7 day - FEELGOOD - Challenge


Fall in love with life again! We all have days, weeks, months or periods when our mood is low. Creativity, joy, and energy is out the door and life seem to just move along dragging you with it. This is a 7 days Feelgood challenge to help shift that funky vibe and raise your spirit to fall in love with life again. Why – Being in a state of appreciating life takes you from feeling stuck to open and ready for the day and days to come. Who - Anyone where life is Okay on paper, but you still feel low, stuck or distant to yourself. * It is free and you can join from your phone or computer. * You'll get a booklet to dive into your daily challenges. * Each day you'll find a short video, tools and challenges for the day. One challenge for a more instant lift and one for a longer lasting shift. * You can do the challenge in your own time, however I recommend you do it in no longer than two weeks time and not shorter than 7 days. * The challenge is here for you once you started and you can come back as often as you like even when you are done. * Invest in yourself by scheduling no less than 10 minutes a day to follow this Feelgood challenge, then commit to go through the steps with an open heart. There are no quick fixes to keep a healthy Feelgood mode but there are tools to use and energy to tap into that is a great help on the way. This challenge is a start and help on your way. Let's get going! Love and Life Maria All copyrights - Maria Rinné

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