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Deepen your intuition - Summer Boost

  • 49Days


Welcome joining me this summer to deepen your intuition, for a more joyful way of life. During my spiritual journey that started in 2004, I've experienced that the deeper I hear, feel, trust and act on my intuition, or if you like my hearts and souls' guidance, the more clear, confident and peaceful I become. When I'm feeling peaceful, stable, and grounded, life stop being an endless loop of control, doubt, and uncertainty and instead feels connected, open and expansive. In other words a more joyful way of life. This summer I'm here to share my energy, tools and experience to assist deepening your intuition. It doesn't matter whether you are a curious beginner who like to learn what your hearts whispers sounds like or if you have been doing it for some time, the energy we connect to will find you where you are. This is what we will do: 🌟 Three personal recorded channeled Pure Heart ignitions, where I connect with your heart and energy to hear what it has to say together with personal energy ignition to deepen your intuition. I’ll send it to you in an Mp3. 🌟🌟 During six weeks I will be by your side with messages, reminders, accountability, witnessing and holding your space through your journey. 🌟🌟🌟 Nine times we will communicate via WhatsApp or Messenger, where you can ask questions, let me know how it's going, ask me to clarify something through tarot cards or tune into your energy for a clarification. I am looking forward to meeting you this summer!

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