Welcome to join my free Master Class

This is a Master Class helping you balance work and play for a productive and peaceful outcome.

The class is about an hour and then you have meditations, deepening reflections, and tasks to add a new way into your life. 

 Clear your mind to free your time.

Come to peace with your inner critic so that you can free up time for the projects that lifts and inspires you,

feeling confident and stress free.

Embody confidence by increasing trust and intuition.

Igniting trust and intuition in the self-doubting ego, so you can enjoy and continue your

life and talent in a relaxed and self-accepting flow.

Creating from a Lust-to instead of a Must-do.

Flip self-repression into celebration and action so you can show up to life and your creativity

with a Lust-to instead of a Must-do.

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I recorded this series of three classes during 2021. It's free to join by signing in below and follow the link. Once you have the link to the classes please save the Webb address to come back and watch with direct access.

Each class is about one hour and all you need is a good internet connection and a quiet place to listen.

You can be part of all three classes or pick and choose the once that speaks to you right now. 

Warm Welcome