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Importance of Balance

One of the messages I keep getting is the importance of balance. Balance within, with the surrounding, with nature & the Earth. When we have our balance in place it's possible to create quick, easy and long lasting. Since we are all connected, our own balance will have an impact on the universal energy net as well as for ourselves. If you indulge in unbalanced relationships with yourself, others or nature you will get affected as well as the "main" energy net and in the end that comes back to you. When you are being balanced within it becomes natural to have a loving relationship with the surroundings, people as well as nature. To know and feel that you are equal, not better or worse than all and everything around you. Then you can walk next to nature and the souls you connect with, skipp games, power struggles and victim mentality. Instead be open to learn, give and share in a natural flow. That's a wounderful way of life and a win/win situation for all.

An important part is the balance between male and female energy on Earth. It needs to be adjusted. For many thousends of years the male energy has been the dominant. One overpowering the other will create an unstable environment that is not long lasting or ultimate. It's time to set it right! The female energy with it's properties needs to step forward in today’s society and world and the calling has begun all over. I don't see it as the female energy taking over. It's about the female energy stop being forced aside and instead joining the male energy, equally. Bring forth each best sides and their best trademarks in all and over all.

A few years back I used to think Balance sounded boring and slow. I wanted action and strong force in my life. How wrong was I!

When being balanced you move like a hurricane with all its strength and power. You however are in the middle, in the eye where everything feels calm and flowing.

That for me is amazing, brilliant and so much easier to live by than forcing my way ahead.

IT'S A WAY OF LIFE! Start by putting your intent on wanting to have a balanced mind & life and you are on your way.

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