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What's up week 19

We start the week of with Jupiter going forward again. Jupiter being the planet of “great benefic” that heads the apartment of Abundance and Growth makes this good news and our collective good fortune will be moving in the right direction for the rest of the year.

Monday is a good day to spend time reflecting on the par

ts of your life that you value most. Then on Thursday this thought process deepens.

If you are thinking of leaving a situation that is no longer good for your highest good, the energies are with you this week. You can take small daily steps until the changes you desire are in place or you can move quick. The most important thing is that you evaluate your situation honestly and openly and then move toward happiness. You are ready!

Wednesday morning could be a highly productive time to work on projects that started before April 21.

Friday 13/5 is a lucky day and one of the most charming of the week.

This is a good week to realize there is more to life than meets the eye!

Keep it light!

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