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What's up week 22

Whatever opportunity comes your way is meant to make your life richer and more fulfilling. We know that change can be disconcerting but it’s a good week to jump on changes.

Know that you are looked after and ask for signs that will lead you on a road that’s most uplifting and vibrant.

Thursday this week the planets are aligned in a golden triangle called Grand Trine and we can expect many gifts on the material world in terms of health, wealth and happiness.

Watch your speed though on Friday, if going over the limit expect to get busted, so play by the rules.

On Saturday a favourable two weeks begins and if you keep yourself within the rules this can be a fantastic time.

Seeing that we have a new moon on Saturday as well and Mercury is full out of its retrograde this week, it’s a brilliant time to start up new things, especially on Saturday.

A week for spiritual awakening, releasing belief systems that no longer work, all in the good flow of the planets!

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