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What's up week 25

A week filled with transformational energy - great for bringing plans and projects to a happy conclusion.

The universe is sending us messages right now about the perfect next step to take. Listen to the guidance you receive in the form of intuition, synchronistic events, symbols and sleeping dreams.

Be alert for people or situations that may not be quite what they seem. Embrace the loving information you receive… it’s Divinely inspired.

We have the full moon that starts things off on Monday. This full moon also coincides with the first day of summer. It’s a time of personal as well as universal completion.

On Saturday (25/6) we have a planetary trine that brings emotional peace. You might see what you didn’t see before. Worry is unnecessary and will only slow down you progress. Let go of fear.

If any part of your life no longer feels right, then trust your intuition and make the necessary changes.

On Sunday there will be renewed faith in the future, healthier economy and a seasonal turning point.

Make sure to make the best of the day.

This week’s balancing mediation:

Find a moment each day of the week to silence you mind, really quite it down. Then start to feel your body from your toes up to your head. This is grounding you in a lovely way with Mother Earth.

The next step is to imagine that you float on a cloud. It can be as small or big as you like and it’s beautiful, easy, joyful, soft and very comfortable. See how you float on this cloud at least once a day for as long as you like and if you like whenever / or if things get unbalanced throughout the week. The cloud floats effortless and smooth and takes you through the energies of the week and the year into the new energies in a soft and vibrant way.


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