What's up week 28

Planets are lined up for us to have fun from Monday to the next month.

Positive changes are on the way. Leave your troubles behind you and plot a course for the future. Embrace the new dawn!

Opportunity to move location is favourable.

The energies keep on building our inner strength and expanding our hearts.

You might have more pride than usual in the things you value the most added with a bit of humour and charm.

On Saturday the energies can get a little frenzied but it’s all good. Even though you might get a bit emotional you’ll have the courage to make necessary adjustments to take things to the next level.

This week could be a sizzler!

Balancing Tool for the week – three deep breaths to ground you. Then ask yourself ;

What do I want of/from the day?

How do I want to feel when I fall asleep at night?

What’s my first step?

Let it come and if nothing then trust that it will unravel naturally. Do it every day all week.

Keeping it light for deeper possiblilites!



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