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What's up week 29

Energies this week flows with a touch of romance. It doesn’t have to be for a person it could be for a situation, art & beauty, or just a love for love and life.

It’s a week where you can make wishes come true so handle them with care and stay grounded.

We have a full moon on Tuesday and this one will kind of force us in new and different directions whether we feel ready for it or not.

This full moon will also make it harder to complete anything. There are strong energies in the term of flow, shift and transformation and it’s in your best interest to see where you are going, to know where you are going and to choose where you are going.

It could also be a week could of some misunderstandings so take care of your words, your interpretations and how you communicate.

Then on Friday the planets shifts and it’s a positive change and you can use its abundant, creative energy and passionate nature to brighten up any darkness in your life and make anything possible.

This next month when the Sun is in Leo is the best time of the year to decide how you can become the star of your own life!

This weeks to to balance the energies:

Take three deep breaths to ground yourself.

Then we are going to breath in the elements, the cardinal directions and the seasons and when breathing in you can imagen it going as a light through the whole of your body for each, filling you and balancing you for the week to come, grounding you and connecting you to Mother Earth and Father Universe and all there is.

Start by breathing in the wind, breath in the water, breath in the earth, breath in the fire.

Then breath in north, breath in south, breath in east and breath in west.

Last breath in winter, breath in summer, breath in autumn and breath in spring.

Do this every day whenever you feel up for it and let the energy fill your whole body!

Thank you and keep it light until next week!

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