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What's up week 30

It’s time to pause, take a few deep breaths or go for a walk in the nature. Be open to unique ideas that can bring unanticipated and exciting results.

This week we balance the female and male strength within us. Take your time, don’t rush.

Energies are moving slower than last week but still quick. There are shifts that is changing you in your core in best possible way. They might not be visible straight away but the changes are here.

Also this week’s energies will push forward the sides of you that are about to change. You might see your personality traits that are about to change. Observe without judgment or major input. Notice your traits and know that it’s about to change for an easier flow in life. The change is visible whenever you are ready.

Between Wednesday and Friday we have a short period of thinking outside the box.

Uranus move into retrograde on Friday and stays there until end December. Giving us time to take a second look at whether the changes we’ve done this year really are working or make adjustments if they aren’t.

On Saturday Mercury moves into Venus, and our communication will become more analytic with a focus on details. Make sure you don’t become over obsessive!

It's a good week to be open to compromise and cooperate with others. The perfect resolution is one in which each person’s input is taken into consideration and blended into a win-win that everyone can feel good about.

Tool for the weeks energy, at least once a day;

Stand firmly on the ground, with your hands together by your chest and let's give thanks.

We give thanks to the light, love and joy that is taking part of our life’s. We give thanks to the transformation and to the energies that is helping us on the way. We give thanks to ourselves for being ourselves

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