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What's up week 33

We have a week of beautiful energies flowing through, they are like flowers blooming colourful, beautiful sensational, warm and loving.

Innovations is the game on the street this week, and kick-off is on Tuesday 16/8 when it’s a set up for an exciting energy that opens up new perspectives and leads into the Aquarius Full Moon on Thursday 18/8.

Wednesday adds charm and magnetism to your dealings with anyone from your lover to your banker.

Full moon on Thursday gives a time full of dramatic flair.

But before you start, take a breath, because besides signalling a two-week wind-down and completion period the Full Moon can also be full of surprising and unexpected events that might involve a new discovery or an amazing aha moment in your personal life that takes you in a new direction.

If you are looking for an exciting week that’s perfect for breaking tradition and finding your freedom zone, your wish has been granted.

Try to review your current plans to see if changes may be necessary.

As time passes the reason for disappointments becomes clear, providing you with even better opportunities than you had previously imagined.

The week is a soft and nice week, a time to breath and relax.

This week’s balancing energy tool; Take three deep breaths to ground yourself. Then imagen you are standing on a cliff, looking out over a beautiful see or water and you feel the wind in your hair, in your face and your body - it’s a warm wind. You feel the heat of the sun shining on you. Stand and soak in the elements; the wind, the water, the earth beneath your feet and the fire & heat from the sun. Take deep breaths, relaxing by every breath. Become more steady within your stand, balanced & calm. Feel the suns heat strengthening you from within, building your energy for the week, strong and powerful. Feel the wind blowing away any concern or unwanted thoughts, cleansing you. Let the water, calm & relax you, putt joy into your life through beauty, art & happiness.

Thank you and enjoy the week!

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