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What's up week 34

The week is a strong week where it’s recomended to keep your feet firmly on the ground, balanced and steady.

If you do, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish!

The resources you acquire can just miraculously appear.

Understand what you already have versus what you need so you can ask for the perfect gifts.

It’s also a good week to seek out advice from experienced people. Allow others to open doors for you or make introductions to those who can point you in the right direction.

Take charge of your life. Visualizing your hopes and dreams!

Monday – it’s easy to communicate clearly and effectively or to give advice that might actually be taken.

Monday also an easy day to manifest harmony with the small stuff and produce a successful outcome.

Wednesday it gets a little bit rockier through delays, aggravations, obstacles and frustration. Old energy are sweeping the Earth. Make sure you stay grounded and balanced.

Then on Friday it can get even a bit more complicated so if you can, just lay low and chill this day.

Saturday we are back on track again and it’s the end of the rainbow. We enter into a time of blessings, hope and joy.

Virgo moves into the sun making the next month a month of fine tuning and adjusting the details of your lives.

Healthcare and work move to the top of to-do-list.

A good tool for you to use is;

Imagen that you are standing somewhere in nature, somewhere where you find it beautiful. Could be a place you know or an imagined place, whatever comes up in your mind.

While standing there roots are going from your feet/your feet chakra, down into earth. Far, far down into earth. Grounding you and your energy for the week.

From the top of your head, your crown chakra, there is a divine light coming from above.

Going down through your body, out in your arms and your legs. Keeping you balanced where you are standing firmly rooted in the ground so no matter what is coming you are balanced and steady for this week.

You can see yourself feeling calm relaxed and happy. You have the elements with you and you are feeling secure and safe.

With this tool I wish you a pleasant week and Keep it light!

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