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What's up week 36

Last week Mercury Retrograde went retrograde and up until 22 of September it’s a good time to review, recalculate and reassess.

Look into your work and healthto see what can you fine tune.

On Wednesday (7/9) you have a terrific opportunity to successfully manage the details for any project or relationship.

The weeks energies are also about compassion and understanding. Keep a high integrity in relationships, can you act as a peacemaker, do so.

It’s a good week to get involved in culture and arts.

We are entering into a week where calm minds, steady feet and a body ready for action will work best.

If you can keep your balance and keep grounded, you can move with the speed of the wind without breaking a sweat.

Being centred is a tool and it’s high priority this week each day to start in a focused, centred body and a balanced frame of mind.

On Sunday when you look back you will see how easy it can get when we are connected to our self’ and nature.

To help you with this you can each day do this small exercise;

See yourself standing steady, relaxed, comfortable, somewhere you find beautiful.

There is a pillar of light coming from above going down, all the way down to your feet and down in the ground. This pillar of light is going through you and around you, covering your whole body and it is as wide around you as you would like it to be.

Then you have a pillar of red light/energy coming from below, from Mother Earth, going up in the same way. Covering your entire body, going through your body and it is as wide around you as you would like it to be. You can see these pillars as a mixed pinkish colour or they are separate as divine light and a red light.

Stand in this sacred, pillar of light, love and strength for at least three breaths each day.

You can also do it whenever during the day you feel out of balance, to come back to your roots for connection.

Have a blessed week and keep it light!

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