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What's up week 37

Positive changes are on the way!

Prepare to set sail for sunnier horizons and happier shores.

Leave your troubles behind you and plot a course for the future. Face your problems so that they no longer trouble you.

From Monday we are asked to look back at past issues. It’s time to clean house around job issues and take a moment to review your healthcare plan.

Friday’s Full Moon Lunar eclipse makes this an intense week that can contain some forceful and destructive behaviours at home or abroad but also an ability to adjust and adapt.

Saturday can help you with a power drive that’s focused on exploring new possibilities. The creativity and originality make this a time when you could be pleasantly surprised if you decide to go for it and take a risk.

This week the energies that are in place are expanding even more and that’s the focus for this week’s energy tool.

Not new energies but current energies getting stronger. Your important task this week is to focus on which part you like to take place even more within you or change.

Let’s start by taking three deep breaths. Feel your body, go through it from top to toe and see where, if anywhere, you might have an extra strong feeling. It might be something that hurts, is tense or something that is extra nice. Go through it could be one place or several places and don’t put any thought to why just notice the feeling and place. Do this in your own pace.

When you find the spots where your mind stops, ask the divine light and the healing energy of Mother Earth to take place in this spot. You can imagine the light and energy coming from both directions going either on the outside of you in to the spot or through you and stopping at the spot.

Here it grows and expands as big as you would like it to be. Again don’t think about what it should do or replace/enhance, let the energy do its work on its own.

Then move to the next area in the body and do the same and if you don’t have one then you can imagen your total body being one area, being filled with these two energies and expanding with the intention to heal and enhance.

You can do this each day for the week.

Keep it light until next week, Thank you!

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