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Some thoughts around greatness before Tuesday's meditation.

Greatness is about being the best version of ourselves without comparing to anybody or anything. It's about owning our strength, our love, owning our connection and our bright light.

To share and equally important to receive, love, joy and beauty with the world without hidden agendas. It's also about seeing and accepting true greatness in others.

To understand that we are all great because that's the way we where made, even when we might have a bad day.

It's not about perfection! It's about raw uncensored greatness that's been there since we where born and before, including any learning and start overs. We are humans and we make mistakes, it doesn't take away our cores greatness, in fact it has nothing to do with it. Possibly makes it even more great when it comes through.

Let it take its natural place in you, in the world, so it can flow the way it was meant to flow and shine and let's enjoy the ride.

I'm looking forward to Tuesday's meditation to see what energy tools we'll be given!

Keeping it light!

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