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What's up week 40

The energies are bubbly, happy and eager this week.

They are now getting into their right places within us and ready to be used as soon as we are ready to press the GO button.

There are a couple of astrological red flags to be aware of. First up on Wednesday where things can get out of control with overextending your resources or promising more than you can deliver.

Then on Friday its good ta tap in to a rational approach to any conflict since there might be overinflated egos moving around.

Remember you are never alone, even when you think so , you are surrounded by energies, angels and fairies that wants to help you.

Ask for their assistants at any time and they will illuminate your path to peace and happiness.

It’s also important for you to shine your own light so that others can follow your footsteps.

It’s a good week to take a peaceful break from society, pondering the mysteries of life, search enlightenment and reconnect with your source and your guides.

A short tool to balance this week’s energies:

Take three deep breaths to ground yourself. Then imagen that you are standing on the very top of a mountain. It could be a high mountain above the clouds or a smaller one. But you are on the top standing with your arms stretched out and up to the sides. Inhaling the fresh air looking out over the land and world. Inhale again and find that feeling of accomplishment, you’ve made it here, today you are one step further on your way. Feel gratitude for the energies and for yourself. Relax and continue to breath, feel and let the feeling of accomplishment flow over you and within you.

When you’re done, come back into your body, into the room and start to move your body, maybe stamp your feet and then open your eyes and enjoy the day!

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