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What's up week 42

We have happy energies this week starting on Tuesday. With those cheerful and positive vibes we might also be a bit inclined to be less focused and dedicated.

Still with these joyful energies this week we are starting something new after the full moon and with that going into completion. We have surrendered our past and are at cero looking to start a way in the most beautiful manor. With energies cheering us on.

On Wednesday there is a conjunction with Pluto and Mars that gives us extra energy for determination to achieve long-term goals.

Any project initiated this week will however require huge amounts of hard work and may involve the uncontrolled use of force.

The idea that you are trapped by your situation is a false one. Don’t let your ego convince you that you’re without power. You have what it takes to move out of any situation you don’t like with determination. Tell yourself that you will have the life you desire. Believe in yourself!

Take responsibility for your life now!

On Saturday the energy is attracted to crises and ultimately transformation. The gift being that we will be taught that any crises can also be an opportunity for growth.

A short tool for this week to balance the energies;

We start with three deep breaths to ground ourselves.

Then we are going to free fall. In the full knowledge of us being taken care of, that it’s safe and we will land exactly where we want to be. Where it’s perfect!

Imagen that you are standing somewhere up high, it could be very high up or just enough high for you to be able to jump or free fall. Feel the wind, feel the sun, the warmth, the heat, feel the earth and feel the water, you might see it in front of you. Know that you are safe, then let yourself free fall, or jump, with the knowledge that you are taken care of and you are safe.

It’s not about falling, it’s about taking the jump, taking the plunge even if you don’t know where its taking you.

Then see yourself really gently being put down on a place, a beautiful place far beyond your imagination. It can be a fantasy place or it can be a real place but you have reached the ground and you standing here and you are happy and peaceful.

Do this every morning this week and enjoy the energies.

Thank you!

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