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Up until I was around 28/29 years old I would say I had kind of a knack for living in the flow. Things usually worked out ok and I let my life lead my path, not my brain so much.

Then I got a new education, a new high carrier and suddenly with that I started become more controlling, in life, in work and with myself and my surrounding. I wasn’t freakishly controlling but definitely my brain was in charge.

It served me well in my work as an asset. It just didn’t serve my spirit that well in the long run.

Somewhere along the line my inner light started to revolt, got antsy and looked for another way.

Today I have learned to use that side of me when needed, because it is good in some instances but I have also learned how to relax, let go and GO WITH THE FLOW.

I’m not fully there, it’s a work in progress but much further along than 10 years ago.

I have now experienced both sides and when we are in a FLOW, life is so much smoother, enjoyable and stunning. The days becomes filled with small magic’s and appreciation. Life becomes really fun and beautiful in other words.

One major ingredient to be able to FLOW is trust. Trust in yourself, trust in life and trust in the divine energy that helps us along the way. For us to be able to trust we need to have access and connection with that inner bright light that we all have.

One way to connect with that is through meditations.

Next Tuesday we will not only meditate but also tune in on the energy of FLOW and see what tools we be given to bring it more into our lives.

You can check it out at:

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