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What's up week 43

We are moving in to some darker paths this week with Scorpio making its way through the planets.

When Scorpio enters Mercury on Monday communication can become single-track and laser beam sharp. Besides fostering sarcasm, it can also be a fertile soil for mysteries and intrigues as well as a time for an increase in obsessive-compulsive behaviour based on things that have been repressed.

This makes it also a week that is filled with hidden gems and diamonds. They are hidden within situations that pop up that can feel a bit strange or like you’re out of your element.

Indecision might be holding you back. trust yourself and move forward. Make the choice that’s best for you rather than trying to pleas others.

When in these situations, stop take a few breaths and connect with your inner centre, then you will better know how to act and move on.

Trust your instincts. It may be necessary to compromise with others to move forward and do that instead of ignoring any problem in hopes that it will go away.

On Saturday we might think that the only way to experience life is through living on the edge, which it’s not!

Take a few or many deep breaths this week and give this week’s emotions a calm and strong base act from.

On Sunday we have a new moon signalling that endings can also be new beginnings.

This week is about you connecting to that inner you on a deeper level. A short tool to do this;

Start by taking three deep breaths then put both of your hands on your heart chakra, the area around your heart. While you are keeping your hands there, imagen that there is a bright, loving light that is shining from within your heart, out into the world, through your hands. It is a light of love, compassion and strength. Keep your hands on your heart chakra and just keep breathing, keep seeing or imagining this light pouring out from your into the world, out around your body and as far out as you would like it to go. Stay in this universal, divine light and breath for as long as you like.

Do this each morning or when ever you feel a desire to connect with that inner light of yours this week.

Keep it light!

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