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What's up week 44

This week we leave the New Moon behind us with an energy of starting up. Start a new diet, exercise program, project or why not rock a new haircut. The energies are helpful in anything that is starting up this week.

Be clear of your own priorities, motivations and behaviours. Take some time to self-reflect. In order to get greater epiphanies and practise self-forgiveness.

Release aspects that no longer serve you. Let go of guilt, fear and blame.

Detox from harmful foods, substances or people. Face your fears (in true Halloween spirit) and welcome the New!

There is also warmth and compassion going around meaning that you might want to reach out to others and others might reach out to you.

Short tool for the week;

Start by taking three deep breaths, then shake off any energy that is not for your highest good. You can visualise yourself shaking it off with the intention of shaking off any energy that is not for our highest good. When you have done that, feel a red earth energy coming from the bottom of your feet, your feet chakras, going gup through your body, filling the whole of your body. Then stand In this healing, grounding earth energy and connect. This is a beautiful grounding and creative energy to bring with you into any new project you start.

Have a lovely week!

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