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Sacral Chakra - Svadhisthana

The beautiful Sacral Chakra - Svadhisthana – I feel - our second chakra or energy centre that holds the energy for our emotions, passions, creativity and pleasures. This chakra is portrayed in the colour of orange and situated about 2 inches below your navel.

I am one of those who describe things with the words I feel….

I wouldn’t consider myself as an over emotional person but the emotions are definitely there consciously and unconsciously, balanced with logic and intuition before I take action.

So I hold my hands up that I’m making a lot of decisions based on energy from the second chakra.

Now that is all well when the chakra is balanced and clear but what happens when there is other stuff stored in that energy centre! Like wounds from the past, societies norms or family values that doesn’t sit well with your true self and affects your emotions in a negative way.

Is that when our passion gets put on hold, our creativity withers? I think so.

My natural personality is 100% optimist. There is nothing I can do about that and now at 50 years of age, there is nothing I want to do about that. It has helped me get through a lot of difficult situations without becoming stuck to long. Being an optimist doesn’t meant that you don’t experience what life throws you (ups and downs). It means you never stop believing that the ending will be good or at least ok. Thereby never stop trying or searching for ways to come out of whatever mess you are in. Yes you are sad, angry and upset like everybody but you don’t get stuck for too long. You move on because you believe there is a light at the end, you just have to find the new way.

Growing up this was all good but starting a career it was not always the best trait. If you are in a serious carrier mode you should act like it and NOT like you are enjoying what you are doing. I think/hope this has changed today but 20 years back you were not considered serious if you had a happy personality.

Let me be clear we are not talking crazy, loud or whimsical but smiling, open and energetic.

For me it led me to being told to tone down my personality, if I wanted that high-end job.

Now two mistakes were made – first that I was being asked this. The personality that had got me to the point I was and was one of my best assets, was being stripped away, simply because the norm of a managing director was not a smiling, friendly one (that still got the job done). The second mistake was that I totally bought that view as well and thought Off Course, I can’t be myself if I want this job and went along with the request one hundred percent.

What happened was that I got the job and looking back I was not the potential I could have been, seeing that I had to put in energy changing my action and appearance to please the image of a boss.

What also happened was that my second chakra stepped in and gave me a strong warning. I was going against my nature, against my energy and it for sure let me know this.

After about a year I was rushed to the hospital with a heart scare. They kept me over night and told me I had to change my lifestyle. Little did they, nor me, know that it was my body (and sacral chakra) screaming STOP in the best way it could.

Fortunately at that point I had learnt that I have a body that speaks very load, so I understood that I had to do some changes in life. I started with Yoga, changed my partying lifestyle and a few years later got started with meditation.

Back then I didn’t put the pieces together that I had the heart scare due to suppressed emotions. I put it down to stressful living (even though I enjoyed the stress and my living at that time).

Today I see that it was the combo but mainly me going against my nature. Maybe I could have lasted longer had it not been so many late nights at that time but I’m sure it would have caught up with me eventually due to the fact that I was living and acting out of emotions that got suppressed.

My naturally optimistic personality was being put in a box and my sacral chakra wasn’t having it, thank god for that!

When we are in touch with our true, pure emotions we will experience passion, creativity and pleasures in life in a new way. They will also arrive from another source, from within. Meaning that it’s not something bought that feels empty or fleeing.

Its deep emotions that can come from a sunny day or a friendly meeting. They stay with you longer, feels different and make new energy patterns in our bodies that makes it want to sing or write a poem instead of being taken to the hospital.

My believe is that we have a layers in all our chakras and it’s a work in progress but I know that when working with intention and the lovely new energies roaming the earth, we speed up the process.

I’m looking forward to this Thursday’s meditation when we tap into the energy of the sacral chakra and see what tools we will be given and what tuning will be done!

Keeping it light!

p.s more information about the event on Thursday at

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