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What's up week 45

The first steps in making a dream come true is to believe. Believe in ourselves and it’s a good week for just that!

Follow your life purpose joyfully and playfully. Tell supportive people about your intentions.

The energies this week are a mix of excitement and focus. Set your goal for the week, have your focus in place whatever it might be.

Then you can let go of the 'how' part and start to get excited with yourself, someone you know, a task,or whatever it might be.

Get excited for the future and put in this positive energy that are strengthening your future goal and focus.

It’s time for a fresh start, be open to new ideas, begin a new adventure and embrace your true purpose.

The planets tells us that on Tuesday things will start to move in a new and possibly surprising direction.

On Friday we will move into an energy that starts to focus on the more practical side of love and money for the next month.

Then on Saturday we’ll get hit with cheerful and optimistic communications that are focused on the future of sports, travel, religion and higher education. Just be on the lookout for embellishments and exaggerations.

A short tool for the week to balance the energies.

Start with three deep breaths to ground ourselves. Then we are going to align with the energy of focus.

Imagen that you are standing on a cliff, in beautiful weather and you are looking out on the see, the open vast ocean.

There in the distance something is moving towards you could be a boat or ship. At first as a little dot, as you keep looking at it and as It comes closer you will see the details. Keep on looking at this vessel or whatever it is that draws your imagination. As it comes close it will be more detailed more focused and more clear for you until it’s just at the perfect distance for you to see it fully, to see all its fine details.

Bring this focus and intention of focus with you in this week and enjoy!

Keep it light!

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