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What's up week 46

The week starts with a super full moon on Monday which makes it a good week to wrap up things, wind down, get closure and take stock.

This moon is an intense one oriented towards transformation. Transforming dark into light, fear into peace, sadness into joy, negativism to optimism

This week is also about waking up, from Sunday, a shift takes us from inner darkness to the light. It’s slow moving but for sure getting us in the right direction.

Beginning period where it's time to act out of your light. A wonderful new energy asks you to have the courage to see things through, be daring, be fearless and pursue your most treasured dreams.

If you jump on board on the energies this week you have a good opportunity for transformation to take place.

Short tool for this week;

We are going to balance our energies and align them with Earth and Universe. We start by taking three deep breaths to ground ourselves.

Then you can quietly within yourself or out loud set the intention to be aligned with Mother Earth, to open up for her energies, strength and balance. Then set the intention and open up for Father Universe, align with his energies for strength and balance. You might see yourself standing in the middle of these two sources with their energy going through you. Keeping you grounded, yet free. Coming out of this balance your inner strong self, blooming out from the peace and stability.

Imagen yourself standing between these two every morning or whenever during the day you feel out of balance. Connect, and get your energies flowing in a harmonious way.

Keep it light!

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