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What's up week 47

The energies this week are like beautiful flowers blooming up within ourselves, opening our hearts, our energy, in beautiful colours.

Bringing us the possibility to see something new, feel something new, try something new and look upon the world with new eyes out of love, compassion and joy.

The tool for best possible outcome is Gratitude.

Gratitude is a powerful manifesting energy. Take time to say thank you to co-workers, family, others around you and to yourself and the work you’re doing and have been doing.

Every day give thanks and you will attract more of that into your life.

On Wednesday communication gets down to business, it’s time for a serious conversation with your mentor, coach or teacher.

On Thursday the planets get into a constellation that can trigger us to overeat, overdo and overthink. Advice for Thursday be patient and add some control of your doings.

Friday can be highly transformational in the areas of Love and Money if you have the guts to take a peek of what’s crawling under the surface and the guts to act on it.

A short tool to balance the energies for this week;

Start by take three deep breaths to ground yourself.

Imagen that you have bright light within your heart chakra (area around your heart), like a small dot to begin with. The more you breath the more it expands. It’s becoming bigger and clearer and brighter with every breath you take. You can expand it as far out as you would like it to go. Then just stand in this beautiful loving energy that is opening your heart to a new energy and a new way to look upon life or situation or a person. If you like you can bring that situation or that person into this energy and just let it dissolve into the light.

With this I hope you enjoy the week and thank you all for checking in!

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