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What's up week 48

We start of the week with a new moon (Tuesday 29/11) which give us a good time to start something new.

This time it is connected to Neptune that could give a time when immoral or disreputable act about people in high places are in the news and people may be in to dishing some dirt.

Make sure it’s not about you! Make sure you do the right things for the right reasons and remain true to your principles.

This week the energies are soft for us and putting a rose shimmer around what is happening. Your task is to look for the truth, to speak the truth and to be the truth in all situations, good or bad, in a soft and gentle way.

First days of December dawns sunny and bright in the social realm and its definitely a week to shoot for the stars when Jupiter’s confidence generates success and Mars gives you the drive the break through obstacles to reach your goal. Consider new and creative modes of accomplishing your goals. Discuss various methods – old and new – with those you trust can help you know which philosophy to follow at any given time. If your goals are meeting with resistance it may be due to the method you are using to attain them, rather than a flaw in your actual plan. Be open to trusted people’s perceptions regarding the right strategy to take.

It’s important to always stay on a path if integrity in every aspect of life. The law of attraction rewards those who follow their dreams while remaining honest and true in dealing with others. Align yourself with organizations or people who have high spiritual ideals.

On Friday things get serious and from now until the end of the year it’s time to focus on final outcomes and bottom lines with no time for lame excuses. You can lighten things up with an ironic sense of humour.

A quick tool for the week;

Start by taking three deep breaths to ground yourself.

Then we are going to expand our energy from our body and out. We do this by imagining that you first are standing by the water and then start to go in to it.

It’s a beautiful water, it’s warm and it’s safe. You walk into the water and it’s a lovely sand bottom that your feet are touching. When the water reach your stomach you stop and raise your arms to the sky, like the sign of a V. Feel the energy coming from your feet up into our hands and out. Feel the energy coming from up above and down into your hands and your body. It’s a double file energy way and it’s both going out and going in. Then from the centre of our body it is expanding until its covering your complete body. It then expands a little bit more until you have the perfect size for you. We stand in this energy of truth, energy of the heart and love and we put our intention to bring this with us - all day - all week.

Thank you for joining

Sat Nam

This month’s book recommendation;

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