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What's up week 6

This week we are pumping up the volume with energies that are flowing out from an universal heart with its love energy.

Love in the sense of connection, self-worth and shining your light from our authentic source. It is soft and it is strong.

Now the time to take action. Indecisions has previously held you back but this is the moment to trust yourself and move forward. Your intuition will guide you to the perfect choice. If you lack clarity ask for help from the divine energy and listen to your own spiritual guidance. Make your choice with confidence. It may be necessary to compromise with others in order to move forward.

You have up until Friday when the lead story changes due to Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, the first of the year. Every Full Moon brings a time for things to come to a completion.

This Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is especially fortunate because both the Sun and the Moon are blessed by compatible influences from lucky Jupiter.

Still emotions always run high around Lunar Eclipses so don’t plan any major or life-changing events or decision until the following week.

There is a change in communication on Tuesday that will be with us for the next three weeks. Communication will be seasoned with quirky and unusual thinking patterns that should inspire lots of interesting new stories.

The energies this week are beautiful and inspiring when you stay open for it.

A tool for you this week that you can do whenever you like during the day or in the morning.

Start by taking three deep breaths, then put your hands on your chest, area of your heart chakra, with every breath in you inhale light a divine bright light. You might even see it going in so with every breath in, inhale light. With every breath out you exhale love. You might see that as a colour or energy going out. Inhale divine bright light and exhale love. For every exhale of love you might see it go further and further out into the world.

I hope you enjoy the week and stay safe!

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