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What's Up week 7

New Love energies keep on flowing all through the month of February and also this week.

The energies are starting up with a bang, intense and strong. They can make you feel a little bit itchy or uncomfortable, observe them and let them pass.

The week is also inspired by love energies on the other hand that is soft, gentle and caring.

Valentine’s day coming up on Tuesday and can be a little bit complicated though, with planet placements in Libra (romance and Love) and also in Aries (Me first).

Remember that happiness can be allusive if you are not clear on your priorities, motivations and behaviours.

Taking time to self-reflect allows you the opportunity to experience personal epiphanies.

Use this “me first” energy to practise self-forgiveness, see the truth of who you are and release those aspects that no longer serve you.

Detox from harmful foods, substances or people. Confront your fears and give yourself permission to be free.

Then on Saturday the Sun deeps into Pieces for the next month. This can relax and soften the general atmosphere, make it more sensitive. Be aware of addictive, obsessive and other reality avoiding behaviours that’s the other side of Pieces.

A quick tool to handle this week’s opposite energies, start by taking three deep breaths.

Then imagen that you are standing in front of an Arch Angel of your choice. If you don’t know an Arch Angel, let whatever image of an Angel that comes up to you be the right one. While you are standing in front of this Arch Angel see a string of energy going from your heart centre to this Angels heart centre and back. You are exchanging then heart energy in a beautiful way and its filling your body, soul, mind and energy and it is releasing negativity and inspiring you.

Stand in this for as long as you like each day of the week.

Have a lovely week!

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