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What's up week 8

We have two difficulty challenges from the planetary line-up this week. It starts on Wednesday where there is an energy clash that increases weather incidents and energies that are trying to pushing unharmoniously parts within us and within the world, making it easy to snap.

This energy rises on Sunday when even more fuel is added to this.

This is not a good week to make big decisions or initiate a new idea. On Saturday there is also some planet energy blurring our communication making it harder to be logical and clear.

Good advice is to lay low all week, be super careful and postpone any major decisions.

But we still have a flow of Love energy though the whole month and also this week. It is up to us to keep our heart open for this.

It is Love for ourselves, for our way in life and our choices. It is helping us release judgement and trust our own light.

If we stay grounded in contact with our light, the week should be ok.

You create your own happiness. Be a good friend, listen and share your peace and light. Protect those who need assistance. Make sure you allow yourself to both give AND receive.

A quick tool for the week we start by taking three deep breaths to ground ourselves.

Then bring down a pillar of divine light, covering your whole body.

Stand in this and affirm; I know who I am, I love who I am and I express myself with Love.

Go easy this week on yourself and your surrounding!

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