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What's up week 10

This week the energies are about what you are sending out.

You’re capable of handling many things at once and that offers you ample opportunities for the future. Yet it can also be exhausting if you’re not enjoying what you are doing.

Make plans to get a lot of rest this week!

Bring fun into everything you do!

See if you can balance work with play. If you seek out the fun in every moment, even if the pleasure are small in relative terms, they can lead to greater happiness.

Then it also becomes more natural to be sensitive in your words and actions.

On Monday communication may get a little emotional. Then Thursday we have planets wanting to move forward in signs that's wanting to go slow. This can be a source of anger and frustration, again look for the fun and stay rested.

The Full moon on Sunday is particularly interested in making positive adjustments to your health and your job but with some planetary roadblocks this can cause delay. The key is to obey the rules, try to stay flexible and have a lot of patience.

Be kind, be gentle and take care of yourself and then you take care of those around you.

A quick tool for the week;

Start by taking three deep breaths; Then we are going to align with our higher self, Imagen that you see a light in the distance coming towards you , becoming brighter and brighter. This is your higher self. Once it is in front of you, if you like, you can ask it to align with your body, throughout the day and/or week. See if you feel any sensation as it intentionally moves into your energy. Keep this line and communication open for the whole week, to speak out of love, kindness and an open heart.

Enjoy the week!


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