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What's up week 12

Today 20/3 we have the first turning point in the seasonal calendar. It’s Spring equinox - a day that that marks the first day of spring. This is one of two days a year when day and night are equal and it’s a good day to see if our life’s are also in balance or where we might need to tweak it.

The fiery planetary line-up that we have in the skies right now can make this year a game changer, signalling new adventures and risks. Make sure you are balancing fun with work, rest with activity, your food and thoughts.

There is also creative energy floating this week and it can make us feel like we want increase our speed. That is brilliant as long as you make sure you do the same with your rest. Keep it balanced and keep your focus on what it is you want to achieve or how you want to feel by the end of the week. If you don’t know then remember that we are never alone. Even when it appears that way. We can ask for assistance at any time and our energy and energetic guides will show us our path. It’s also important to shine your own light so that other people can follow in your footsteps, for you to be a beacon of inspiration for others.

By the end of the week we have some energies that is a little bit more unsettling. Keep the balance and focus you will sail through them.

It’s in the area of relationship with Venus still being retrograde (relationships being centred on the past) and then on Saturday (25/3) a Sun/Aries conjunction makes it harder for us to express love and we are challenged by an energy in relationships that’s focusing on “Me” instead of “You”. In another week and half we have moved passed it and again keep your focus and intention on being balanced and you’ll be fine.

A quick tool for the week; Start by taking three deep breaths. Then imagen that or you put up your hands by your heart chakra together. With every breath in breath in imagen that you inhale light and with every breath imagen that you exhale darkness/worries or anything you like to release. Stand in this short meditation for at least 10 breaths. Then you are ready to start the day.

Keep it light!


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