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What's up Week 13

This week my update comes from Nevada. I'm just outside Las Vegas getting ready to start a very exciting Energy Adventure tomorrow (27/3) with the energy theme of Abundance. I will write more about the adventure when it has started. We are now all moving into an exciting week with a New Moon on Monday. The energies are expansion and growth. Anything that you have started earlier in this year is now starting to show and expand. In different paces but in a higher pace than normal for us all. We all get busy, busy. It's both the planets and the new moon that is keeping us on our toes. The Aries New Moon opens up with an exciting energy and if you are planning on starting anything new, the next two weeks are the right time to do so. On Wednesday we get even more fuel for startups from Mercury that adds inspiration and know-how to any project. This is a week where we see the road we are going on, if not the ending. You can expect wonderful news or a windfall of unexpected resources that arrives to help you pursue your dreams. It can be financial or wise counsel, physical help with a project or getting introduced to the right people. Use your resources wisely. Make a plan for how to best utilise them successfully. If your thoughts has turned towards long terms commitments, now is a good time to make the investment. Give without expecting anything in return. Thursday it can be a little bit difficult when we might confront moral dilemmas. Then on Sunday our relationships gets a chants to relax. Venus is till in retrograde but gets some time to relax. The energy tool for the week is a short affirmation for you to say at least three times every morning. It's for us to accept where we are and how far we have come. I am here I am now and I am at peace. Have a lovely week! 


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