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What's up week 15

We have some important planetary shifts this week. First of we had Mercury going retrograde yesterday (Sunday) meaning that it’s time to do a backup on your computer, not buy any new electronics nor sign any agreements without carefully reading it several times and expect communication to be a bit muddled for the next three weeks. It also means that we now have a perfect time to review the past, reclaim the present and research the future!

Then we have a Full Moon Monday night/Tuesday morning (depending on where you live). A Full Moon is always a good time for completion, finish up loose ends, look at where you are and plan instead of pushing forward. Wind down projects and end negative habits. With those double positions of Mercury and the Moon I would say it’s a perfect week to take a break for Easter.

If you are feeling trapped between the intellectual and the emotional this week or maybe your indecision is holding you back. Take this time to let your intuition guide you to the perfect choice. Make the choice that’s best for you rather than trying to please others. Again this requires that you see your own needs. Use the week to go deep within, listen to your wants and needs and then make a choice based from you, not your surroundings. Make your choice with confidence! It might be necessary to compromise, let it be so. Also don’t let past concerns keep you from your goals, use them as lessons of life.

On Saturday Venus the planet of relationships and money ends its retrograde and moves forward again.

The week also brings us energies of compassion and growth. The energies are catapulting us into our feelings, to review our situation and where we are, how we are doing and feeling, all aligned with the planetary set-up.

If you don’t feel you are where you want to be, see what led you to this place, take notes, prepare for the future and put your intention on changing the way (and you don’t need to know how or where right now just that you want to change).

We also have energies this week of growth in the sense of spiritual growth. Some of you might notice the subtle change and others won’t notice them, but be sure they are there.

A quick tool for the week is for you to be present and breath. Go out in nature, and experience what you see, take it in, breath deep. Let the air fill your lungs and relax

Keeping it light!


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