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What's up week 16

We are moving into a week where the energies are asking us to be calm. It is a week to recharge your batteries before you restart the engines. It is a week to flow, get in contact with your core, your voice and to chillax.

Not only to but that is the best option. To let things grow, and just hold you vision, make your plans and pay attention to details. Don’t rush to action.

Monday 17/4 starts off with a nice bang that provides you with the opportunity to harmonize personal desires with structures already in place and to come.

On Thursday Pluto begins its retrograde period and it’s a deep cleaning retrograde during which you can dig deep into your unconscious to throw out things that are polluting your mind, body or spirit.

This is important work but there is no rush since its going on until end of September. The same day you might get insights from the past or from the unconscious.

Friday things get easier and we are shifting gears a bit.

A quick tool for the week:

Imagen yourself standing by the sea shore, looking out on the sparkling water with the sun in the sky. Maybe you stretch out your arms and feel how you become one with all the elements, with the wind or the Air, with the Earth and the water and with fire from the sun. Stand in this and let yourself be healed and peaceful.

Keeping it light and relaxed!


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