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Hold your vision!

Working towards a dream can be both satisfying and terrifying!

We have the passion, fire and joy going for us and then harsh moments of doubt sets in (and sometimes more moments of those than the other).

That's when it's good to reconnect with our fire in any way we can and be flexible. The road might not always be what we expected. Maybe it's longer or more winding, maybe we discover new things about ourselves, some good and some 'surprising/not so good'. Still every hurdle passed is getting us more ready for take-off!

If you are working towards some beautiful dream or goal - I'll hope you keep it up, stay flexible and go back to the fire that started it, if in doubt.

I know I do when I get thrown off the road. I nurture my wounds and then pay a visit to my vision. Readjust if necessary before next step. It isn't always easy - but the other option is even harder.

Keeping it light,


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