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What's up week 17

We have a love streak going through this week, warming and opening up our hearts in a beautiful way. Combined with an energy that is not holding us back but slowing us down. The pace designed for us to relax into this loving energy and get comfortable, to not act in old pattern or on reflex. The more you relax into the energy of the week, the brighter it can shine within you and from you.

Communication is also a star of the week’s show with Mercury still going retrograde and we might have an unusual numbers of stops and starts.

Speak your truth with kindness. Listen and you will differentiate the truth from a lie in seconds. Know your facts and figures and stay curious. If someone is speaking to you with a harsh tong, focus on the message, not the messenger. There might be something there you need to hear, even if the delivery is tough.

On Monday we get a reminder that if we didn’t do something right the first time, this is your chance to make good.

Wednesday we have a New Moon and it’s energy is free of conflict and poised to help you start something beautiful and long lasting in the next two weeks.

Lay low on Friday, it’s a day when everything that can go wrong, will. Expect disruption that is connected to Mercury like transportation, commerce and communication.

This week’s mantra to keep you steady on the ground;


Keep it light!


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