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What's up week 18

We are moving into the week by starting up the month of May on Monday. This day is also an ancient Gaelic festival “Beltane” that marks the halfway point between spring equinox and summer solstice.

The energy this week is warm, loving and caring. Caring for you, that circles out in automatic care for those around you. By taking care of yourself this week you are taking care of your surroundings.

You are giving them the energy of peace, stability and joy. That is a great gift.

The week’s energies are also firing up our engine after having a few weeks of laying back and chilling. Now is a good time to start moving forward.

Adding to this, Mercury goes straight on Wednesday with communication that can flow easier, signing agreements is on the map again and the technology should stop acting up. It is not completely out of its backward movement until 20/5, still it has turned.

Don’t be deterred by challenges along the way during the week. You’re on the right path and if there should be any difficulties they here to make you stronger and not blocks at all.

Trust that new ideas you have at this time are inspired and worthy of your time and energy. Have confidence in your own insight. Communicate in clear and concise fashion and be careful not to seem cold in the way you speak your truth.

By the end of the week there is a solar shift and it can stir up some emotions. Keep your head down, go out in nature and don’t get into hard wired old energy. Focus on the good, remain optimistic and trust signs of a positive outcome.

Then the next week we are back on track.

Affirmation for the week – I am one with all that is!

Take care and Keep it light!


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