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What's up week 19

This week has a transformational Full Moon (Wednesday), a super active Mercury and a lucky Mars to keep us busy and continue to move forward. The energy is active and bubbling with joy, speed and strength. It should be easy to make some important changes.

If there are things you need to complete or habits you want to kick, this is a good time to do it. Tuesday and Wednesday are great days to boost the strength of any goal. You will have the grace and inner strength needed to overcome challenges.

Keep the courage of your convictions and you’ll get through anything, big and small. Remember to stay kind and forgiving both to your surrounding and to yourself. Embrace how wonderful you are and don’t be afraid to show empathy for others, while standing up for yourself, should you need to say no.

Go within and anchor your desire, your wishes. Even if your surrounding is telling you something else, take a good look at what it is you want to do, achieve and then follow that thread.

We also have energies of curiosity this week. When you feel that you want to learn more or see what’s behind the door, go for it. Open the doors and expand your knowledge.

Thursday hidden issues could be brought to the surface bringing your energy down. Not to worry on Friday we get a boost in our confidence again and the energy goes back up.

Affirmation for the week – I keep myself grounded so that I can fly high!

Keeping it light!


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