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What's up week 21

This is exciting times and there is a lot going on this week, following last weekend’s energy portal. It’s also a bit of one up and one down with an inquisitive New Moon and some planetary shifts.

The new Moon in the middle of the week is telling us to get going with new projects, new ideas or ideas we’ve had and didn’t start up and it's a good time to meet new people .

This is a start-up week, a joyful and strong one in many areas.

Thursday 25/5 can be a tough day for love and the finance sector indicating obsessions, power-plays and dead-end relationships on the other hand it’s a good day to double down and start not one but two new things at once. If you grab this New Moon by the tail, it’s going to roar. See what I meant with one up and one down.

Sunday 28/5 we have a face-off between Mars and Saturn that can bring obstacles, roadblocks and delays into the mix. If things don’t seem to be going your way, try sitting this one out and give it another go at the end of next week.

All throughout May we are continuing to move with energies that is pushing us to be authentic, keep it real and be grounded. So also this week. There’s great power in quieting your mind through meditation or taking a break, sitting it out. Solutions can become crystal clear if you become still and quite. If you’re facing a challenge, stop thinking about it for now. Focus upon something else or take steps to defuse a troubling situation or clear unexpressed emotions. Sleep is another good recipe to keep yourself productive and optimistic. Give your body the love it deserves by providing it with the time it needs to recuperate. Seek out ways to counteract stress.

Affirmation to balance the energies of the week:

I bring happiness to and from myself.

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