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What's up week 22

We are moving into a week where there are ups and down and the week has a little bit of everything.

Some energy of the week brings joy and will open our eyes to see beauty in peoples true essence. It is also getting us in touch with our own desires.

It’s a good week to get to know ourselves and our surroundings. It is also a week to go out, be seen and have fun.

The flow of an energy that is both giving and taking is going to keep on for a little while.

We start on Monday 29/5 with some roadblocks, delays or other obstacles that might still show up.

Understand what you already have versus what you need to be able to go after the right things.

You have amazing skills and creative talent that you can rely on. However it’s also wise to seek out good advice from experienced people. Allow others to open doors for you or make introductions to those who can point you in the right direction.

Then Wednesday its back to a positive note and this is a good day to talk about stuff that really matters.

You can do anything. Take charge of your life. You can manifest what you need to be a success. Visualize your hopes and dreams.

Thursday is a day where dutiful and being committed is the path to love.

Saturday you might change your mind about that and something new and exciting could break the barriers and spark a fire. That however is a spark that can burn quickly unless you’re lucky.

Sunday we are back to a day of confusion where things can get emotional and sticky. Advice for Sunday chill and don’t plan anything important.

So a bit of a up and down this week – to keep yourself grounded here is an affirmation of the week;

I can see my true self and I like it.

Keeping it light!


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