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What's up week 23

This is a week with some strong shifts in the energy. We are going from warm fuzzy energy to a more disciplined straight forward and specific one.

It’s like we been practising and now it’s the real deal. This week you are advice to be clear with your intentions, your speech and your actions.

No hiding no procrastinating and no more shying away from your true strength. It’s action with a lot of love and heart, still straight forward and specific.

Tuesday (6/6) Venus (Goddess of Love and Marriage) is giving a big thumbs up. Get ready to make plans, for this June-Venus blessing will be in play for the next four weeks.

Mercury also makes a positive shift on Tuesday when it moves into one of its favourite sign Gemini. Shining favourably light on business, social connections, communications and transportation for the next three weeks.

Great success can been yours, with more to come. Turn your face to the sun, open your arms and embrace the blessings that now flow directly to you from heaven.

You can expect the dawning of brilliant new ideas that will lead to wonderful opportunities.

You are unique and the world needs you to be exactly who you are. Remember that it’s important to treat yourself with the same kindness, respect and caring that you would a best friend or beloved partner.

Friday can get a little bit tricky and we have a Full Moon that day that suggests slowdowns and obstacles. However success is still an option if you use Saturn’s influence of gifts of patience and persistence. We also get help from Jupiter that turns direct that day. This means a time for our hopes and dreams to come out of hiding and go out into the world for the first time since February. So again, don’t shy away and understand your unique importance.

It’s a fun and exciting week where you get to discover your true strength.

Affirmation for the week; Let me see the true colour of my world with beauty. Let me speak with Love. Let me hear with Joy.

Keep it light


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