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What's up week 24

This week we have a mixed bag of influence that could get you running here and there.

Our growth will continue in abundance if we let joy and love be our leading stars. Whenever you can during the day, search and follow the thread of joy & love and this week will flow divinely.

We just had a full moon and that’s usually a good time to finish up projects, so also with this one. Take some time to review details carefully, both from the past and new details coming up and you will win in the end. Make sure you make fair and objective decisions that comes from a platform of love and joy.

Don’t be afraid to stick to your principles. Trust that your opinions are correct and time will make that evident to everyone. Don’t allow others to talk you out of priorities.

For situations to turn out in your favour you should become clear on your goals and stand up for what is right. We have this new energy that is pushing us to see within, go within and to stand in our divinity. It’s pushing us to embrace our light, embrace ourselves for the unique amazing bundle of energy that we are.

Tuesday we might get a mix of happy talks with confusing thoughts and people speaking from both sides of their mouths. Don’t trust either one. Follow your truth and instincts.

Then on Thursday things get pretty real and will be a good time to deal with your responsibilities, learn your lessons and learn to deal with authority figures. Again to go within and listen.

Friday Neptune turns retrograde for the next 5 months and that will be either a fertile time for sowing your creative seeds or a tougher time if you choose to confront your personal demons. To keep growing though it is a good time to take a hard look at the debris that’s floating in your personal river of denial.

Affirmation for the week - I stand in my light, with love and joy!

Keeping it light!


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