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What's up week 26

This week we have a New Moon joining us from last weekend and it’s a perfect moment to get going with your ideas, whether it’s to put down a new plant in your garden or in your life. Set some new roots and plans and nurture them and try and stay focused. It’s a time where we can get distracted and in that failing to see a magical opportunity or take someone or something for granted.

You may also become so focused on what you don’t want to have that you completely discount the gifts that have been given to you, bringing you dissatisfaction with life. To avoid this and stay on the track, spend as much time in nature as possible and try to quite your mind and heart. Remember you can always ask for help from your guides/energy of what opportunities it is that you’re not seeing, so get quite and listen in.

The energies this week can also be a little bit tricky in how to handle our emotions that are coming up to the surface and seeing that we are in the sign of Cancer where emotions are pushed to the front page it’s a double up on that. Getting in touch with our emotions will bring up any old garbage we have dragging along with us. The week will make both the good and the less good more visible. The opportunity with this is that you always have a choice of what to do with it all.

When it becomes more visible, the choices becomes clearer. So even if it might be tricky energy this week see it as good thing that now you can make a new choice, for a new outcome that suites you better. Also with the new moon we get some extra fire power for new starts, so it is a perfect time to make some changes. As always do it from your heart. See what your body tells you, listen and trust.

We also have some beautiful energies this week that is strongly connected with Mother Earth and help us heal, be creative and create a new way onwards.

On Wednesday watch your mouth when the planets goes both on deafens and on point.

Thursday 29/6 we deepen our mental process but with a hard edge, if you decide to express yourself, think twice, stay focused and see the trees and the forest.

Then Sunday 2/7 we have a security alert. Intensely and dangerous people, places and things may have a certain charm, but unless you want to get hurt, this is not the right time to get involved with them.

So keep it light, stay in nature as much as possible and open your eyes for what’s in front of you!

Affirmation of the week - I choose my path from and with my heart!

Love & Light,


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