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Lovely Full Moon energy 9/7

In this weeks full moon meditation that you find at the end of this text, we connect with its vibrant energy that is helping us to strengthen our own uniqueness and not only that but also to be aware of it in a positive way. To own it!  

We do this by aligning through our heart chakra. The times we are moving into are pushing us gently but firm to see how beautiful, unique and amazing each of us are. To understand that our energy is part of and much needed in the bigger pattern. We are getting some help in this meditation to open up and strengthen these part of us so much that we can recognise them and understand there value. It might be parts you've tried to hide or diminish due to different reasons, but they are yours anad here with a purpose. This Full Moon energy is telling us to let our unique flag fly high, wide and proud. We can't think out why it's here or who it's helping in advance we just need to raise the awareness of it and share our unique personality as much and often as it likes. Easy - maybe not every day but with the help from this full moon, easier. I hope you will enjoy it and let it bring out the best in you, strong and visible! Love & Moon energy, Maria

Full Moon Meditation Guided Full Moon Meditation

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