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What's up week 28

This is one of those weeks when nothing of major consequences is going on in the astronomic sphere, let’s relax and take this opportunity to consider the tradition of wishing on the first star you see at night.

It’s a warm week where you have the opportunity to feel safe, grounded and protected after all the energy shifts that s been going on.

This week the transformation its settling and you can relax into the new energy, into its new shapes. Maybe it have start to show, or not. However it is taking its place within you , within your energy and within your body.

Sometimes you don’t need to rush to action, make your well-thought-out plans first for them to go perfectly. Then you might get happy news about your carrier, promotions or scholarships. Float slowly and gently and don’t be in a hurry to take action.

When you do let it be cautious but wise action.

By the end of this week the pace can pick up a little bit. Try and stay grounded not to become stressed over whatever situation it might be that is showing itself.

Stay grounded in ways that you know work for you, whether its listening to music, being in nature, going for a swim, holding a hand of your loved ones or something else.

Whatever it might be, be sure to do it whenever you pulse starts to run off.

By staying grounded you keep the beautiful flow of the week going into the next week. You ground the new energies even firmer.

Affirmation for the week: Like a flower I grow both in Sunlight & Rain.

Keep it light! Maria

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