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What's up week 29

This week the energies are storming in with a pushy vibe and a mixed bag of aspects that will keep you on your toes, especially at the beginning of the week.

The energies are helping us see our path clearer and light up the right way so we can make decisions and choices that is about time we took. If you have a choice to make that you are feeling uncertain about, ask your higher guides and your energy for assistance to show the way more clearly. Then it’s up to you to actually take the step or steps. It’s a magical moment in time when wishes might come true, so make sure you wish for the right once.

Allow your heart to be filled with childlike wonder and awe on the way, picture what it is you desire and then make a wish. Write it down and commit to it. If you find yourself over the moon about anything or anybody, get an outside opinion or take another look at the situation and see if it really is as good as it gets before you commit but allow life to be playful. Enjoy the simple things and spend time in uplifting activities to raise your spirit and light.

With the Leo New Moon on Sunday, remember to check your ego at the door when planning new starts.

Monday 17/7 can cause confusion in love or your bank account.

Tuesday leaves us with mixed messages, both openhearted and loving energies together with having trouble with boundaries and a desire for too much of whatever’s offered.

In the mid-week we get a break from all these choices and can relax into our new path and we’ll get help to keep things under control.

There is a shift on Saturday (22/7) that leads into the Leo New Moon with its high energy helping us move forward on the new decisions we have made earlier this week.

Affirmation for the week; I choose to see my way with light and love.

Enjoy the week and keep it light!


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