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Lionsgate energy read 26/7

Today we are moving into the portal of astrological LionsGate, a highly transformative time where you have the opportunity to make magic happen when creating from your pure source that is aligned with your true vibration and life path.

How to do we know when what we are wishing for or want is aligned with our true energy?

When your body is going into full joy-mode when you think about it or imagen the outcome. Without details of who, when, where or what - you get into the feeling of where you would like to land and get that bubbly, childlike strong sense of joy. Then you’re in the magic zone of creating. At this time we have some extra help until 12/8.

I say no time to loose! Silence your mind, get into that creative mode, get going wait for your sense of joy that comes from the inside and out. Be bold, go big and play with it.

You can’t force it, your body won’t lie to you. If you don’t get that feeling, try and tweak or change your thought.

I tried it this morning and the first time it flowed effortless and my body was jumping with joy straight away from what I wanted to add into my life. The second time it didn’t at all. Then I had to try different views, ask for help to see what I was missing and suddenly with a change of the picture that joyful feeling came and I knew I was on the right path.

Keeping it light!


If you want some help expanding your mind, my latest Moon meditations energies could be a goods start.

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