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What's up week 31

This week understand that your goal, your vision and your plans are about to bring fruit. It will start this week and continue in the next week, where we have the full moon.

Flow with the energies of the week that is compassion, understanding, growth and expectations.

Bring some loving compassionate thoughts towards yourself, your surrounding and your life with its outcome.

Your worry might have reached an unnecessary level. You may indeed have concerns and plans that you need to process, but your fear isn’t in proportion to the circumstances. Take a few moments to go for a walk in nature and quite your mind. Breath, with success often times comes stress. If you let it build up, it can take a physical and emotional toll, so nurture yourself and explore ways to reduce any anxiety.

This week features two interesting shifts and one astrological conflict.

Monday 31/7 Venus moves into Cancer and with that the emphasise will be on women, children and real estate.

Thursday 3/8 Uranus goes retrograde giving you from now until end of the year a period to rethink old beliefs that have reached their sell-by date and free yourself from ways of acting that are no longer working. This day is also good to lay low and flow on the energies of joy. Look for beauty and joy in everything in this day and you will succeed.

The conflicting energies is on Friday 4/8 that can have a big negative impact on the financial side or be productive if you can resist the urge to use force and keep your eye on the big picture.

Affirmation for the week; The essence of what I’m looking and focusing on will show up in my life.

Keeping it light!

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