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What's up week 33

This is sort of a calm week before the strong New Moon total Lunar Eclipse on the 21 next week. We had Mercury going retrograde last week, giving us a time to re-visit, re-do, re-view things in us and our life.

Even though it’s a calm week the energy influence is strong and can make us choose some life changing paths.

Use logic and structure to increase your success in your choices and day. Get organized! Keep your focus on the end result, on your goal. Any dream needs love to grow, but it also takes careful thinking and good leadership.

Staying organized with methodical plan can be important to fulfilling your life purpose. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of dreams and then forget the important details. Preparation at the beginning will save you a great deal of time that you can use to bring your plans to life.

Next week we get moving again so use this week to get organized.

Still daydream big without losing your focus and see where that takes you as well. Keeping your mind clear and strong yet limitless to balance daily concerns with the big picture.

Also don’t push decisions or don’t push anything new, just follow up and continue with things you started, things you want to complete.

Venus comes under fire from two different planets this week and will end the week on a happy note.

This attack on Venus can be visible and difficult in areas of relationships, the arts and the financial sector.

Even though it’s a short term conflict going on between Venus-Pluto and Venus-Jupiter don’t underestimate their ability to transform your relationships or your bankbook.

Late on Sunday things begin to look up. If you’ve got an overwhelming need to break away from something in your life that is no longer working and move on to something new and different, Sunday is the day to do it.

Affirmation of the week: I let limitless creativity flow through me!

Have a beautiful week!


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